No one really likes to pay a monthly fee for services of any kind but, in most cases, you just don’t have a choice. Things like the phone in your home or your security system charge you each month and it’s definitely not fun. When it comes to medical alert systems you generally have to pay a monthly fee as well. The more your alert system can do in addition to the simple panic button, the more you end up spending and that’s definitely not something that you want. However, with some medical alert systems, you actually don’t have to pay a monthly fee—and these are the best ones below.



The first of the companies that we’re going to talk about is LogicMark. There are actually two different systems provided by LogicMark, the Freedom Alert 35911 and the Guardian Alert 911. Both of these personal emergency response systems provide you with a landline connection and they will give you a pendant with a speakerphone built right into it. Unfortunately, they won’t work in the shower, which means you’ll need to take them off before you decide to take that shower and you’ll need to be careful about them when you’re anywhere they could easily get wet.

LogicMark Freedom Alert 35911

First, let’s take a look at the Freedom Alert version, which is actually one of the most popular options for most users. This is because it actually provides the user with the freedom to set up their contacts. When you buy the system you get to choose four people that you want to program into it. These four people will be notified when you use the button, though that’s not all you get.

Once you’ve got the system set up and you’ve programmed your contacts into it you get to decide between three different modes for the device. The first mode is that your contacts will be called one after another when you push the button. That means, if you have an emergency, you can press the button and the contact programmed first on the list will get a call. If they don’t answer the second one will get a call and so on all the way through the list so you can get the help that you need.

The second mode is that your contacts will each be called one after the other but if none of them answer the system will then send out a call to 911. That way, you can make sure that you will definitely have someone to respond to your emergency even if your friends and relatives aren’t able to do so. Finally, you can choose to have the button dial 911 immediately, without calling anyone else first. If you only need the button for actual emergencies this could be the best way to go about it.

You are able to program up to four different pendants into the base so that you always have one and even other people living in your house will have them. Not only that but you get a two-way speakerphone built right into the pendant that you wear, rather than only in the base. This system isn’t as old as some of the others that are out there, but with 11 years of experience under their belt they seem to be doing pretty well.

LogicMark Guardian Alert 911

This system is actually a little less expensive than the previous version because it doesn’t provide you with as many features, but it does work great for those who want to be prepared in case of an emergency. When you purchase this unit you don’t have to do anything or worry about programming in contacts because the Guardian Alert system is designed to make sure you get emergency assistance, rather than just reaching out to your friends and family. If you press the button on this device it’s going to immediately dial 911 to get you emergency help.

The pendant on this device has a two-way speakerphone capability just like with the Freedom Alert and it also gives you the freedom of no monthly fees. For those who are looking at an emergency button but already have a way of contacting others for more minor needs this can be a great option. You pay a little lower price and when you have an emergency you have a way of pressing one single button to call for help instead of the need for a phone or someone else with you in the home, which is the whole point of an emergency system .


Lifelink is a slightly less popular option, but their device, the Lifelink Prodigy Medical Alert System, still provides you with plenty of features and some additional features over the LogicMark as well. This device allows you to program up to 8 different numbers into the system, including 911. You’ll even be able to use this service in the United States and in Canada because the 911 programming is designed to work for both options. Not only that, but you don’t have to be tied down to a landline service when you do it.

If you’re interested in a slightly upgraded system you can actually purchase a Lifelink device that’s connected via Bluetooth instead of via a landline connection, which makes it even stronger and more portable for you. Both devices are still available with absolutely no monthly fee, which means you’re going to have options, something you usually don’t when it comes to a non-monitored service. You’ll also get a pendant that’s entirely waterproof. Unlike the ones available with the LogicMark these pendants can be taken right into the shower with you, so you’re prepared for anything that might happen.

This system is a little bit older than the LogicMark, having been around since 2003, or approximately 14 years. The overall company, owned by Matrix Interactive LLC, has actually been around since the 1990s, which means they have a whole lot of additional background and experience in other industries but are only average when it comes to this type of service, which is definitely something you want to think about too.

Unfortunately, what you’re not going to get is a speakerphone built right into your pendant. The Lifelink system does not provide this because they’re trying to keep the pendant that you wear as lightweight as possible. Taking out the speakerphone definitely helps with this. The system also takes a bit more to set up and get the installation process working, which can definitely be a downside for seniors or those who aren’t as good at following somewhat complex instructions.

Future Call SOS

This is definitely a personal emergency response system you’ll want to take a look at because it doesn’t have a monthly fee, but it does have fall detection. This is a great feature for seniors and those who want an emergency device, but it’s one that you very rarely find in any system that doesn’t require a monthly fee. With the Future Call SOS, however, you’re going to get it. If you’ve been thinking that no fee systems just aren’t for you because you can’t go without fall detection, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s actually available for you.

With this system, you’re going to get a necklace pendant as well as a wristband. The fall detection only works on the necklace, but you will get all of the other features no matter which way you choose to wear the device. The pendant also has a number of other positive features that each of the previous option had, including two-way communication directly from the pendant and a waterproof rating that means you’ll be able to use it in the shower—one of the places that you’re most vulnerable.

This device can be connected via a landline or a Bluetooth adapter, though you have to keep within a set range for either option on the device. You’ll be able to get about 40 meters away from the base if you are indoors, accounting for barriers and other objects that may be between the base and the pendant you wear. If you are outside, however, you can be within approximately 200 meters of the base and still get a clear signal that will allow you to call whoever you need to for any kind of emergency.

With this device you’re also going to be able to program your own numbers. You can set up three numbers in the device that it will call when you press the button. You’ll then be able to communicate with these people and get help with anything that you need. The downside is the charging, which you will be required to do every 3 days, but the device itself will notify you when it’s time to charge it again because it actually provides you with a low battery alert that makes it easier to keep the device working for you.

Geemarc Ampli600

With this system you’re going to have an actual phone rather than just a base, but you’re also going to have the portable units that you can wear around the house and connect to that device. You get a lanyard as well as a waterproof wristwatch band that you can use for the pendant, both acting as a remote control transmitter. You also get up to 6 different emergency contact numbers, keeping your loved ones informed and making sure that you always have someone there for you when you need them. If no one answers the phone the first time through, the phone will actual cycle through each of them a second time for an answer.

When you set up the device you get to decide who goes on the list of emergency contacts and what you want the message that they receive to say. You get to create a 10 second custom message. The wireless device works up to 100 feet away from the base system, which allows you to travel throughout your house and enjoy yourself without having to worry about losing track of the device or having an emergency and not being able to reach out to it and get help. When you push the button you immediately connect with your emergency contacts and you can hit the cancel button at any time to stop the calls.

When someone is calling you there’s no problem hearing the phone either because it has a 50+ dB amplification automatically and it provides you with an adjustment option all the way up to 95 dB, so you can be sure you hear it every time. If you do turn it down, or even if it’s up higher, you can also see the strobe light each time that it rings, helping you to always get to the phone.

Included in the system is a speakerphone, so you can easily talk to anyone that calls or that you want to call. You’ll also be able to set up your personal phonebook with up to 99 different names and numbers. That’s definitely important because it makes sure you know who’s calling you all the time and it makes it easier for you to call out from the phone. You can scroll through the phonebook to find the information that you need and make sure you’re calling the right person so you never lose a phone number.

This device does not come with fall detection like most other non-fee devices, but it does work great for anyone with hearing loss or hearing difficulty and it provides you with a medical alert device and a landline phone all at the same time, which means that you’re getting double duty out of this system.


Overall, there are a number of different medical alert systems that don’t require you to pay any kind of monthly fee. That’s definitely going to make it easier on your budget because all you need is a one-time fee to purchase any of these units and you’ll be ready to enjoy your golden years independently.

Million Total Emergency Department Visits for Americans Over 65 in One Year (Source: CDC)

The Freedom Alert – one of the most popular options – allows the user to set up four contacts, and these people will be notified when you use the button.

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