Produced by Philips Lifeline, HomeSafe offers high quality that you would expect from anything that carries the Philips name. A company well known for electronic equipment, the HomeSafe system proves that the reputation is well given with an offering of good equipment and services. With HomeSafe you have the option for a basic package, add-ons and much more so you can get a plan that works well for you.


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Philips offers over 40 years of experience in the home alert network and provides service and peace of mind to approximately 30,000 monthly users as of 2016. This makes it actually a quite popular service for the senior population. They provide a completely proprietary call center, which means that any calls into the service or alerts received by it are handled by their own staff directly in-house rather than being sent out to a separate call center. This is important because it ensures that customer service is handled more concisely and in a more reliable manner. They’ve also reported over 200,000 fall detections, which provides even more reassurance that they can do what they say.







Because they’re backed by a company that’s been around as long as Philips, they’re also trusted and relied upon to achieve exactly what you need when it comes to a reliable alert system for an emergency response. Whether you want the basic system that works from your landline and allows you the ability to move about your house and yard or something that you can take with you wherever you want to go in the country, you’ll have a service that you can rely on and one that is going to get you the help you need wherever you happen to be and no matter what happens.

This is very important if you’re the type of senior who likes to travel and spend time in different areas, whether visiting friends and family or just adventuring a little on your own. You can maintain your independence and your overall quality of life without having to worry about accidents or injuries that might occur on the way. There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice anything at all as you get older and HomeSafe helps to make sure that you don’t have to with their portable and ready to go options that make it easier for you to continue the life you want to live.

Features & Services

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One of the most important features of any medical alert system is going to be the base because this is where all of the services and capabilities actually come from. The base for HomeSafe is manufactured by Philips itself, so it’s a completely in-house design, keeping the quality even higher and making sure that you are getting a unit you can rely on just like any of your other Philips brand electronics and gadgets.

The station itself provides you with two-way communication that works throughout your entire house. Not only that but in the event of a power outage you’ll be able to maintain your service for up to 30 hours with the battery backup in case you still need emergency services.

The portable portion of the device, which you carry with you throughout the day, is available in a pendant or a watch form, which makes it easier for you to wear it no matter what you’re doing. The fact that it is entirely water resistant means that you can even wear it when you’re taking a shower or even a dip in the pool without having worry about any emergency or accident that could occur.

With a 1500-foot range you also can travel throughout your entire house and even your yard with ease and without having to worry about getting too far away in case of a problem. Though the basic level of the service does not provide fall detection, there is an upgraded device which will provide you with this service as well so you can be safe and get the help you need even if you aren’t able to communicate.

In-Home Base Unit

Mobile Pendant


Features and Services

You will get some basic features if you decide to opt for the bottom-of-the-line setup for this medical alert system, but if you want to get most of the features you’re going to need to add-on costs as well. The system itself runs on a landline service but is available on a cellular network for an additional cost. This can improve the reliability and also allows you to travel rather than being tied to the base itself. You can also upgrade to a completely rangeless device and package that lets you take the base whenever you go on vacation or travel, so you’re always connected through the AT&T data network.

If you need a way to remember to take your medications you’ll have no problem with that either because you can get an upgraded package that dispenses your meds when you need them. It can hold up to 60 doses of medication and you can set up the schedule that you need to take them on yourself so that it provides just the right dose at just the right time of day every day until it runs out. Then you or someone else can take care of setting up the doses again to make sure that you’re never without.

In case of an emergency, you can always get help through HomeSafe, which doesn’t just provide you with an ambulance or medical support in case of a fall or injury. They can also reach out to law enforcement or the fire department as needed. That means if you have any kind of emergency or problem you can get ahold of them and they’ll take care of getting you the help that you need to feel safe and secure again. You won’t need to worry about how to reach your phone or dial for help.

The response center is staffed 24/7 and offers multi-lingual associates so you can always find someone to communicate with easily and quickly, to handle anything that might be happening to you or in your home. This is important as not all call centers are staffed to handle a variety of different language needs, which could be important in emergency situations and especially in different parts of the country.

The button on the wristband as well as the pendant is soft and easy to push, so you don’t have to worry about getting the help you need even if you have stiffness in your joints or are injured in an emergency situation.


Technical Support

If you have any kind of problem you can reach out to technical support 24/7 either by phone or through their web chat feature. This allows you to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible or get started on a return and a new device delivery right away. All of the equipment comes with a lifetime warranty so you can feel confident that you’re getting something you can rely on. That means you’ll have no problem getting repairs and fixes when it comes to broken or faulty equipment.



You always want to make sure that you have great transparency when you’re getting any kind of service. You don’t want to pay for things you don’t need or for anything additional when it comes to budget. With HomeSafe you’re getting all the information you need relatively easily. It’s all right out there on the website and you’ll find that you can make a very good decision about what you want and need based on the information available on the website. They provide warranties as well as an FAQ section that makes it a whole lot easier to find common questions that you might have as well. This means you don’t need to worry about contacting a sales representative in order to get your questions answered or find out about services and costs.

Customer Support & Reviews

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If you have any kind of problem you can reach out to technical support 24/7 either by phone or through their web chat feature. This allows you to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible or get started on a return and a new device delivery right away. All of the equipment comes with a lifetime warranty so you can feel confident that you’re getting something you can rely on. That means you’ll have no problem getting repairs and fixes when it comes to broken or faulty equipment.

If you decide you don’t want the service, however, or you don’t want specific pieces from your package, they can be subject to a restocking fee. It can cost up to $50 for returned items to be processed and put back to the shelf for another customer to use, which can definitely be a costly aspect of cancelling your service or just changing to a different level of the plan with different equipment.

Installation is very simple and is easy enough for anyone to do because it will help walk you right through the process on its own. When you receive the device you only need to plug it in and listen to the instructions that it will provide to you verbally. This is an automated system that helps you get ready to use the device as quickly as possible. If you have difficulty with the automated system Philips does have a network of installers that you can get in touch with to get a little more assistance or have the whole thing taken care of.

R of Tx, TX
Verified Reviewer

I’m 93 years old and I live alone so I got the Philips Lifeline. I still get around pretty good and I wear it nearly all the time. Their team has always been just really nice. I’m completely satisfied with them and would recommend it to a friend.

Original review: October 1, 2017

Ed of Essex Junction, VT
Verified Reviewer

My mother is 88 years old. She moved up here from Alabama. I live in a two-story condo and there is no way, with her limited mobility, that she could traverse the stairs by herself. This Philips Lifeline has been the go-to device and it worked well. We’ve not had a fall but there have been a couple of times she dropped it and the response from the Philips folks was pretty quick. Also, I work during the day and though she still can get around, she’s here by herself until I get home at night so this device gives me a little extra sense of well-being knowing that if something happens, somebody will come to the rescue. Overall, Philips Lifeline is dependable and reliable.

Original Review: September 19, 2017


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Cost is one of the most important aspects when you’re looking for anything. Even though you want something that is going to work and provide you with excellent service, you don’t want to spend too much money on it. That means you want to make sure you are getting the services you’re paying for and not paying for things you aren’t. Getting a good deal on the services is important. The costs associated with this service are about average for the type of service with a number of additional features available for an added cost.

The basic service provides you with a landline device and a pendant or wearable that you can use when you are in your own home or yard, up to 1500 feet away from the base unit. It also gives you two-way communication through a speakerphone and emergency services contact, no matter what kind of services you need.

Because many of these services allow you to maintain your mobility and your freedom, they can be extremely important services and since they are not included in the base package there can be a lot of additional costs associated. The automated medication management also costs additional and will add on another $59 per month. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting your medications throughout the day.

HomeSafe standard:



Cellular service: $12/month
Fall detection: $15/month
Relocatable system: $25/month (plus $150 equipment fee)
Medication Management: $59/month
Spouse Coverage: $10/month


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Philips HomeSafe has some pretty good features as well as a great reputation for reliability and service and you can get a price that you can afford.


Most people seem to be satisfied with the quality Philips brings to HomeSafe as their familiarity personal tech make reliability a non-issue. Great features with a price you can afford make this all the more worthwhile. 


Hidden costs highlighted by restocking fees and service charges will turn some away. Those seeking basic accommodations will be pleased with this offering but if you’re in need of a little more, the price for advanced features may price this option out when compared to comparable alternatives.

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