If you’re getting older you know how important it is to have a medical alert system that can help you contact your family if you ever have an emergency. What you may not have thought about is fall detection as a way to protect yourself and save you in case of an emergency. Though all come with a panic button for an emergency response, not all medical alert systems come with fall detection or even allow it as an upgrade, which means many seniors decide that it’s something they can do without because it’s so difficult to find. When it comes down to it, however, fall detection is extremely important and something you most definitely want to have.

What is Fall Detection?

Let’s start with what fall detection is and then we’ll get into the medical alert systems that provide you with it. Fall detection means that if you were to fall the device you are carrying would be able to tell. It would then be able to notify someone, usually an agent at a phone bank somewhere, which you have fallen so that they can reach out to you and find out if you need assistance. Though this may not sound like much, it means that even if you can’t push the button to say you have an emergency, the device notifies someone that an emergency has occurred.

Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Even though it may seem like fall detection is difficult to find, it’s actually in a lot of different medical alert systems. You just have to take a look around and make sure that you’re reading all of the options. Even if you might have to pay for the upgraded service, it can be a benefit for anyone who is living alone and concerned about medical emergencies.

Philips Lifeline
One of the top medical alert systems that you’ll find with fall detection is Philips Lifeline. This system provides you with a whole lot more than just fall detection however, as it gives you great service and over 40 years’ worth of experience. The company provided service to over 30,000 monthly users in 2016 and that number continues to grow based on their reports. One aspect that makes this a high quality system is their use of in-house agents and a proprietary call center that monitors the devices and provides assistance in the case of an emergency.

With the HomeSafe system, you receive the base unit as well as the pendant that you need in order to use the base. You will get basic service, which means the proprietary call center monitoring your device and your emergency calls at all times. You will also get a landline based device that connects through your current phone line and a two-way communication speakerphone that ensures you can always hear and communicate with whoever is on the other end of the phone.

You’re also going to get the opportunity to upgrade your system to include a cell phone connection, which means you don’t need a landline phone, a relocatable system, which you can take with you on the go, or even fall detection. Each of these aspects are an added cost to your current system, but provide you with the opportunity to customize your plan and make sure that you have the services you will need in order to be comfortable continuing to live your life. You’ll be able to get started with the system for as little as $30 per month, with plenty of options available to get what you want and need.

Medical Guardian
Medical Guardian has been around for about 12 years and provides a range of different features. They provide tens of thousands of clients each month with the service that they expect and that includes the fall detection that you are looking for. With this service you aren’t going to get an in-house call center, but you will still get a dedicated one that they’ve hired outside of the company itself. This isn’t quite as good as having an in-house unit but it’s still going to be a decent service and good quality.

This system comes with the base and pendant, which are both UL certified, as well as a keybox and a backup system built-in, just in case you lose power. Not only that, but the base and pendant can be up to 1300 feet apart, depending on the one you choose, and you’ll still be able to get a connection, which is great for those who really want to enjoy themselves in their home without having to worry about objects in the way or getting too far out. You’ll also have the option for GPS tracking as an upgrade or simply a cellular or landline option.

Fall detection is actually included right in the system, without you needing to pay an additional cost. This is great because most of the systems, especially the less expensive options like this one, require an additional cost. With Medical Guardian you can get started with as little as $30 each month and you can upgrade to a mobile system for only an extra $10, which is another inexpensive upgrade that most systems don’t provide and allows you to get even more freedom and quality of life.

With about 10 years of experience, MobileHelp is a bit younger than the others we’ve mentioned so far, but it still boasts approximately 20,000 customers each month. Not only that but it actually provides you with a completely in-house, proprietary call center. That means every time that you push the button to call in you’re going to connect with an agent who works for MobileHelp each and every time. This is going to improve your overall service and the quality that you receive overall as well. You’re also going to get a range of additional features, including the high quality equipment that you expect.

You get a base as well as a pendant and wristband, which means you’re going to have everything you need to maintain your independence. You’re able to get as far as 600 feet away from the base while still getting a solid connection in case you need it. You’ll have a speakerphone directly in the base, which is great for anyone in case of an emergency. It allows you to speak to the person on the other end without having to worry about getting to the base or picking up a unit. If you need additional tools you can get them easily, including a lockbox and wall mounted buttons to keep you and your family each connected.

There are plenty of different upgrades that you can choose between including a medication reminder and all of those extra tools for your system. You’ll also be able to add on fall detection, which keeps you safe in case you fall and can’t press the button for yourself. With a starting rate of only $30 per month, you’re still in a very comfortable range for those on a budget. What’s more, with fall detection available for only an additional $10 per month, you’re going to have a system you can rely on at a decent price.

This is one of the oldest systems, with almost 30 years’ worth of experience. What’s somewhat unique about them, however, is that they actually don’t do any of the services on their own. They provide an outsourced service for their call center, rather than something proprietary and in-house. They also don’t produce their own devices, instead selling units that are produced by two medical supply companies: PAX and Kelsi. Still, the company provides excellent quality and service with high quality equipment and an excellent quality call center as well.

The equipment is all UL certified and you’ll get the base station and pendant included in your system. You’ll also have the ability to purchase a wristband as an add-on if you prefer this method of carrying your button around with you. The base provides you with up to 600 feet of distance between you and the base in order to get a solid connection. If you want to get an upgrade you can do it with wall mounted buttons, a voice extender and more. Built into the base already is a speakerphone that means you can easily hear and respond to anyone on the other end.

There are a number of additional upgrades that you can get, but the base system is going to cost you about $35, which is a little bit more than you’ll find with the other systems we’ve discussed so far. The fall detection service is an upgrade, which costs you an extra $11 per month. If you want to have mobile service it’s going to cost you an additional $11 per month, but it is definitely possible to get that additional freedom and versatility. If you need more devices, need extra items like a smoke detector or medication reminder, you can get these as well, creating a truly unique system.

Bay Alarm Medical
This is the medical alert company that’s been around the longest, with over 70 years of experience providing security and support to seniors and others who want the freedom to live alone, but the assurance of someone there in case of a problem. Bay Alarm Medical provides a contracted call service, which means that they don’t have an in-house team monitoring the systems, but they do have a dedicated team that makes sure you get the service that you expect, especially with high quality equipment that you can rely on.

All of the equipment is UL certified and you’ll get a base station and pendant included with your initial signup. You can be up to 800 feet away from the base and still get the connection you need and you’ll have no problem with the additional features that are available, like speakerphone on the base station to make it easier to communicate with an agent, wall mounted buttons, a keybox, and, of course, the fall detection that you’re definitely going to want for your own safety. Of course, you’ll need to spend a little extra for some of these services.

The starting price for this system is actually cheaper than most of the rest because it starts at about $28 and provides you with an upgrade to fall detection for an extra $10, which is similar to most of the options here. You can also add GPS and GPS tracking if you like for a little extra each. These will provide you with even better location assistance and make it easier for you to be on the go and still have the security that you’re looking for with your medical alert system.

Great Call
Finally, we have Great Call, which has been around for 12 years and has over 900,000 subscribers. The company has a newly developed team of in-house agents, which helps to create a more professional and high quality team to answer any of your questions and take care of your needs. They also provide some great quality products and services so that you can feel comfortable being on your own. They do this with a cellular service, running on Verizon wireless, so you are always connected to a more reliable service, without having to pay for an upgrade like most services require.

The system you get comes with a pendant and a base, and because it runs on Verizon you don’t have to worry about your distance to the base whenever you’re in your home. You’ll be able to get plenty of range and you can carry the pendant however you like while you’re at it. You can put it in your pocket, on a lanyard or anywhere else you might want. Plus, you can wear it in the shower, because it’s submersible to up to 3 feet. Not only that but you can add on some additional features that make it even more useful for you.

The starting price on this system is one of the most expensive, at about $50 for the device and then $20 per month. You do get a lot of features included with larger plans, like the fall detection that you’re probably looking for, and you don’t have to pay for it as an add-on, but you do have to pay for the ultimate plan, which is $35 per month.


You’re certainly going to want to look at each of these systems to decide which one provides the additional features that you’re looking for. With the right upgraded options and extra features aside from fall detection, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable and happy with the service you choose.


Of Hip Fractures are Due to Falls (Source: CDC)

Fall detection is available in a range different medical alert systems. The right alert system can also provide more than just fall protection.

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