Medical Guardian has been around for a little while and has been providing services for its many customers to a high standard ever since. This company offers a little bit of everything and ensures that the customer always gets what services they need.


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In business for over 12 years, Medical Guardian operates a contracted in-home medical service that provides you with all of the tools that you need such as a medical alert system and two-way communication in order to successfully stay in contact with emergency services at any time. Users number in the tens of thousands per month, meaning that this company definitely has a whole lot to offer and has been continuing to offer it for a long time. Without decent quality service they definitely wouldn’t still be in business over a decade later, after all. That’s not all they have to offer, however, and it’s not all there is when it comes to their reliability and their high ratings with users.







When you call the service you don’t get a dedicated service as they do not operate a proprietary call center but hire out the call center capabilities instead. This means there’s a slightly less than ideal process and cohesion between the customer service aspects of the company and the actual alert system process but there is still a decent amount of quality and you’ll still get a service that provides you with the basics that you need and are looking for from this type of service. Overall, it’s a fairly reliable and cost effective system, as we’ll talk about more in a little bit.

Features & Services

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The hardware associated with your system is definitely going to be an important aspect and with the Medical Guardian it’s going to be good hardware that’s actually UL certified. When you purchase the system you’ll get a base that is available in one of two different levels and you’ll also get an alarm button that can be used on either a pendant or a wristband. This makes sure that you can carry it along with you however you feel comfortable. You’ll be able to easily swap it to different formats so that it’s simple to access if you need it at any time.

The base station can be found in one of two different configurations. The first, and the cheaper of the two options, provides you with a 600-foot range for your alarm button. The second offers you a total of 1300 feet in range. Depending on the size of your home and your yard one or the other could provide you with a better range and a better amount of freedom to enjoy your life and spend some time outdoors even with the button still working and still providing you the level of security that you’re looking for. This can be important for those who still want to enjoy their time outside.

One additional feature that makes this base nice is the fact that it is voice activated, meaning that you can talk to the base itself to contact someone for help or get whatever it is that you need. You also get speakers built in and the station itself will act as a speakerphone. That means you don’t need to pick up any kind of receiver in order to get your message across to someone on the other end. You can simply talk out loud and you’ll hear their messages relayed to you in the same way.

Fall detection technology is built right into the system so you don’t have to worry about anything. Even if you fall and don’t have the ability to push the button you’ll be able to get the help that you need because the fall detection will immediately alert the emergency response team that there is a problem. If they can’t get ahold of you they will immediately notify the emergency dispatch and get someone out to your house right away to check on you and take care of any kind of emergency that might be happening.

With this service you also get a keybox, which provides a secure key on the outside of your house so that others are able to get into the house when they need to. This can be great for emergency services as well as friends and family that you want to be able to get into the house even if you don’t have the ability to let them in yourself. In case of an emergency or even just to check on you, a third party would be able to access the box if you give them the combination to open it and get into your house.

If you happen to lose power you still don’t have to worry about losing your service because it can continue to work for up to 32 hours even without power. There’s a battery backup that keeps you safe and protected in case of emergency when the power goes out so you can still notify your agent that there’s a problem and that you need help. This is important for anyone that needs an alert system because the danger is definitely not gone when there is no power and in many cases it can actually be even worse.

Classic Guardian

Mobile Guardian

Features and Services

With this system you can get one of two additional programs that provide mobile service, meaning that you would be able to take the system with you wherever you go. The Mobile or Active Guardian plans provide you with a device that is fully portable so you can continue your normal, active lifestyle, no matter what kind of assistance you might need. You can feel comfortable exploring the entire country with this device because if anything happens you can simply press the button and immediately be in contact with the emergency team that you would have access to right from your own home.

The Family Guardian plan provides you with a smartphone app where you can connect with additional services and your family can monitor how you are doing. With the basic plan you will have a landline service but if you purchase any of the upgrades you’ll be able to connect via a cellular network, which provides you with much more security and helps you stay mobile and on the go. The cellular network provides even better accuracy in pinpointing your location as well because it can use GPS tracking to figure out exactly where you are in a given area instead of the traditional service which simply sends emergency response to your address.

Technical Support

Any time you have a technical problem you want to make sure that you have access to assistance and with this system you are going to have that. They have a 24/7 call center that you can reach whenever something happens so that you can get started on a fix right away. Whether you need minor troubleshooting or you need something more extensive you’ll easily be able to get in touch with someone to get started figuring it out and fixing the problem if at all possible. This is important so you are never without service.

If there is a problem with the unit and it needs to be replaced or repaired the user is responsible for all of the costs involved. You must ship the unit back and you will be responsible for getting a new unit, including the $350 charge for the base system if it is damaged or lost. Any additional costs associated with getting you back on the service and getting all of your equipment working properly are also going to be your responsibility which can be a very big downfall for this system and many of its users.

What is nice is that you will get easy installation on the system because you shouldn’t have to get installation help. The service is entirely plug and play so that you can get up and running as quickly as possible. It’s simple even for seniors and others to get going because of this and even the pendants will link with very little time and effort. This is important if you want to have service right away and you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to decipher a lot of extra instructions and rules to get yourself going.


Overall, this company requires you to do a lot of searching in order to find any of the information. They don’t like to give anything out for free and prefer to only give it to those who are really interested in getting the service for themselves. That means they don’t put it out on the website or offer a lot of questions and answers for others to take a look at. Instead, you have to call up their sales representatives in order to get the information you’re looking for including the costs and some of the different plan information. This can make it difficult to comparison shop easily.

Customer Support & Reviews

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When it comes to those who have this service there is generally good reviews; however, there have also been a few complaints. The biggest complaint is that the GPS unit can be a bit faulty and may not provide the exact location services that you may be looking for. When canceling, it is required that you pay three additional months of the current service plan in order to cancel prior to the end of the service. This can be an annoying feature for those who want to get rid of the service but have to continue paying for an extended period.

Deanna Whittier, CA
Verified Reviewer

My mother is 101 now. She’s walking with a walker and has limited vision but she is managing. It’s helpful for me that she has the alert since I don’t live with her. She is alone during the day because the grandkids are at work. Medical Guardian has been a blessing. She didn’t like the idea of the key that goes outside, but she wears it all the time. We got a good deal too when we renewed it because of the one year or two years she’s had it.

Original review: October 6, 2017

Kent of Boise, ID
Verified Reviewer

After contacting several companies about medical alert systems I chose Medical Guardian. Their people are above compare and went out of their way to explain their services. Like many of the other companies they did not try to sell me more than I needed and their overall pricing was better than the rest that I talked to. This company and their people are the best!!!

Original review: October 21, 2017


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The costs for this service are right in line with the competition, which means you’re going to have an average price tag that you would likely expect from this type of service. You can also pay your rates on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, offering you options that will fit your budget and your needs. The plan will be slightly less expensive if you choose to go with the annual plan but does provide options for you to pay by the month as well. If you’re looking for something that’s going to be easier for you to use and pay for this is going to be a good option.

There are several different options when it comes to the plan that you want for this service including a Classic Guardian that encompasses only the most basic features and upgraded versions including the Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian which allow for enhanced mobility. The Family Guardian plan allows you to have more interaction and connection with your family and they with just how you are doing.

If you’re going to cancel the service you do have to provide three months advance notice so you will be responsible for paying an additional three months even after you call to cancel. You won’t get any additional price cuts if you decide to add a spouse or another individual who lives in the house onto your plan. This can also be a big downfall.

With this program you’re not going to have the option for additional services and devices because they don’t sell items a la carte. Instead, you have to upgrade your plan to get the additional features that you’re looking for and to make sure that you have everything available that you’re looking for.

$29.95 /month

Mobile device system:


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The Medical Guardian is going to provide you with a good range of options and features but with no add-ons, it’s important for you to pick the right plan to coincide with what it is that you really want for yourself and for your own safety and peace of mind while you’re living in your own home.


Medical Guardian’s users number tens of thousands per month, showing that their quality and reliability is widely recognized. 


Medical Guardian uses an outsourced call center rather than a central one, meaning that customer service can be hard to resolve and the process lacks the ideal cohesion between its support service and the company’s overall mission and products.

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