The Mobilehelp system provides you with the services that you would expect from a proprietary company that’s been around as long as it has. It offers service throughout the country and makes sure that you have what you’re looking for when it comes to a personal emergency alert system using hardware, software and beyond.

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Mobilehelp has been around for approximately 10 years, which makes it somewhat new but still getting there in terms of earning its spot as a top service. The proprietary service means that it not only sells all of its own equipment directly to the consumer, but also that it provides all of its own call center monitoring. That means if you have a problem you’ll get in touch directly with Mobilehelp representatives and support staff who can take care of the problem for you and make sure that you are okay or reach out for an emergency response if there is a problem.

With over 20,000 average customers per month, Mobilehelp definitely provides you with what you’re looking for and makes sure you’re covered no matter where you live or even where you go. You’ll be able to get the services you need based on your personal lifestyle and the things that you want to do with your life. It’s important to find a system that works for you not only in your lifestyle but also for your budget and that’s more of what we’ll get into a little further down in this article so you can make sure you’ve got the right information to make a decision.

Features & Services

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The equipment that you get when it comes to this service is definitely important because without the right equipment such as a medical alert system you won’t be able to get the quality that you need. This system comes with a base as well as a pendant (with power loss protection) and wristband so that you can always wear your device the way you want and make sure that you’re connected to the system for whatever you need. You’ll even be able to choose between black and white for your favorite devices to make sure that you get the look you want at all times.

When you’re in your house you get 600 feet of range from the base, so you shouldn’t have a problem traveling through your house to do whatever you want and be comfortable. After all, the whole point of having this type of system is so that you can feel more independent and free to do the things that you want to do. If you’re tied too closely to a base and a system it can keep you from being able to do whatever you want. Not only that but you’re going to get some added features to the unit itself including a speaker and speakerphone directly included in the base.

You can get wall mounted buttons free so that they are always available wherever you need them in the house. This provides you with an added level of security on top of the button that you carry along with you. You can put them wherever you want so that you always have the ability to reach out to emergency services when you are home. This is great if you forget your pendant or if you are in the process of getting a new one after something happens from damage or loss. Not only that but you have the ability to get a keybox as well.

A keybox is located outside your home and provides other people with a way to get into your house if there is a problem. This is great for emergency services or for family members who want a way to check on you if they receive a call of an emergency. One keybox is included and provides you with a place to store a key for your family members or other third party individuals if your door is locked and there is an emergency. If you like you can also purchase additional keyboxes to place in other areas around your home and make sure there is always access no matter where someone is coming from.

Mobilehelp Classic

Mobilehelp Solo

Features and Services

There are a number of different features and services that you can get along with this system, which is important if you are looking to keep yourself more secure and prepared in case of an emergency. One of the most important aspects is fall detection, which is available through this service at an extra cost. The fall detection ensures that even if you are unable to push the button for whatever reason, the emergency services agents will be notified in the event of a fall. This is important because it helps you stay safer and gets emergency services to you when you need them, even without an alert from you.

The basic package provides you with other features as well, including a medication reminder, which makes sure that you are always on time with your medications and keep track of when you need them next. As you start to get older it can be easy to forget your medications or to get sidetracked with other things. The medical alert system will let you know when you need the next dose and will make sure that you are prepared for whatever you need at the same time, which is definitely important for anyone.

Your system operates from a cellular network that is run by AT & T, which means that as long as there is a cellular signal in your area you’ll be able to get this service. You don’t even need to have a landline in order to get assistance and you can take the system wherever there is cell coverage as well. The entire unit is portable and can be set up in a hotel, a relative or friend’s home or anywhere else that you want to go because that’s what keeps you a whole lot more mobile and independent. Plus it lets you continue living your life the way you want.

If you have a partner or spouse in your home you can also get a second unit for a lower price. Just make sure that you sign up for a duo system at the time you set up rather than signing up for two separate systems. This will help you get the lower rate that’s provided by additional monitoring tools but just one needed base and alert system. You’ll be able to keep both of you better protected and you won’t have to worry about paying double for a service that you really only need one of.

Technical Support

Concerned about the next time that you need tech support? Anyone would be. But with this service you don’t have to worry because the Mobilehelp system provides you with tech support 24/7. That means no matter when you have trouble getting the quality service that you expect you’ll be able to contact the support team and get started on troubleshooting and figuring out just what’s going on with your unit. This will help you get back online as quickly as possible or allows the support team to get a new unit ready to go to you a whole lot faster.

If you have the mobile care connect plus insurance you won’t need to worry about any costs associated with repairs because it’s all going to be covered and taken care of. On the other hand, if you don’t have the added insurance you are going to be responsible for all of the costs that are associated with repair as well as any kind of shipping. All you can do is ship the current unit back to Mobilehelp and they’ll ship you a new one as soon as they can. That means you could be without a unit for a little while and you’re going to have to cover all of the costs associated.

On the plus side, however, you will find that the installation process for your system is actually quite easy. All you need to do is plug it in and you’ll be ready to go in no time. Because it’s connected to a cell phone network it’s also extremely easy to get ready and you don’t need to find a phone cord or plug it into the landline of your home. You just set it up with a power cord and you’re ready to get started using the device and wearing your new pendant or wristband at all times.


Just like with anything else you want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into at any point in time. That means you want to be able to get a lot of the information you want without having to call a representative and get your name on a list, right? Well, you’re in luck because this system actually provides pretty good transparency. You’ll be able to find nearly everything that you want right there on the website and through downloads, which means you won’t need to worry about calling up customer service or a sales representative and getting the run around on the details. You can get everything from service plans and pricing to equipment information fast.

Customer Support & Reviews

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Knowing what other people have to say is always an important aspect as well, so make sure that you’re paying attention to the reviews (like we are). While most people seem to have good experiences with Mobilehelp they do seem to have some difficult with battery life as well as AT & T service. These seem to be the most common complaints that users have and they’re somewhat important ones. No one wants to have service issues when they’re in the middle of an emergency and unfortunately that’s something AT & T has issues with in more than just home alert systems so it’s something to watch for.

Robert of Savannah, GA
Verified Reviewer

I live alone and then I fell and broke my hip. My daughter got MobileHelp for me. I quit using the necklace because it’s too sensitive. If I was sitting down at the table eating and leaned over to get something off my plate, it would go off. The other time, I walked around the house, it’d go off too. Now, I have the bracelet. I wear it constantly and I never take it off even if I’m showering. Everybody who lives alone should have one.

Original review: October 20, 2017

Kathleen of Troy, MI
Verified Reviewer

Having a medical alert was my children’s decision. They’re worried since I developed a heart issue. So right now, I’m using MobileHelp and my children are paying for it. I usually wear the device around my neck when I’m at home but I wear the wrist button when I go out. Then when I moved, I had to call MobileHelp and give them all the information and everybody was always very courteous. I give their number to many of my friends.

Original review: October 18, 2017


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The cost of your service is another important concern and with this service it’s actually an unneeded one. You get a pretty good fee schedule with this because it’s actually priced quite low for this type of service. There are some hidden fees and a few extras that you might want to get along with the basic service, which can increase the overall cost. If you’re just looking for the absolute basics, however, you can get started for less than $30 a month, even if you opt to pay for monthly service.

If you’re looking for additional devices, however, you won’t find them here because they don’t provide you with any extras unless you get a spouse plan that covers a second person. Instead, you get only what’s provided in your plan. Upgrades include a range of different services and the medication reminder but do not include any additional buttons or units that you can use outside of those. This can be a downfall for some who want the ability to get some extras.

If you decide to cancel your service for any reason you will also need to look at the remaining time left on your service plan because Mobilehelp does not allow you to get out of your contract early. You must finish your contract up with them and there will be no cancellation fee. If you want to end the service immediately you lose out on the money that you paid for the remainder of the time period because they don’t provide refunds for this type of service.

$29.95 /month

Spouse coverage:
Fall detection:
Medication reminder:
Wall mounts:


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Overall, Mobilehelp seems to have a decent amount of features and capabilities, though they a lot of upgrades to your service for additional features.


Mobilehelp is known for its excellent reliability and transparency. Regardless of any issues, they provide extensive information online so you won’t even need to hop on the phone with customer support. 


Customers have stated having difficulty with battery life and AT&T service, which is a pressing concern for anybody in an emergency situation.

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