Over the years, technology has revolutionized our perspective of the world. Technology has created amazing tools and resources, putting each person’s most useful information at their fingertips.

Modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many functional and utility devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better… and more fun.

Every human who lives in the western world has experienced how technology has changed their life. You might not encompass the massive change because technology made a gradual transformation in our lives.

This article will focus on giving you the tiny and the enormous ways in which our lives have been transformed via technological advancement.

When it comes to the way we communicate, modern technology has had an impressive influence on communication in the 21stcentury and daily life in general. Very few students and teachers would disagree with this notion.

The advancement in technology has made it possible for teachers to impart knowledge to students from any location. In the past, there had to be a physical contact for any class to hold.

Now, there is no specific need for that as both the tutor and the learner can communicate via different media and platforms such as Skype. Digital technology has also changed what people term as ‘media.’ A media company isn’t necessarily a news platform anymore.

A media company is now known as a company that helps pass information across the globe. The global active web users now near 3.2 billion people.

That’s almost half of the world’s population. Around the world, two million smartphones are sold every day. The amount of information being shared on social media networks is phenomenal.

Social media isn’t the only big statement digital technology has made. Neither is social media the only way technology has had an impact in everyone’s life. There is also the mobile app store which is an online store for various apps of various functions.

Before the advent of mobile technology, you had to search through a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word. Today, that phenomenon is still preserved, but it is less used by most people.

If you have a word you really want to understand, you either check it up on a dictionary app you downloaded from the app store or you just search the internet. Things are that easy with technology.

Nowadays, you don’t have to ask someone so much about themselves. If you really want to know much about someone’s personality, background, and ambitions, all you have to do is enter their name online and scroll through such individual’s profile.

You will be amazed by the results you get. Many people go further with the relationship or just quit from there. That’s one of the ways technology has changed lives today.

The future of technology is even more interesting than what is happening right now. In few years, we will be talking about driverless cars and robots working in factories. However, let’s focus on highlighting the ways technology has changed our lives. Below are some of the ways we have been transformed by technology.

Technology Is Breeding New Kinds of Habits And Addictions

With technology, we have adopted new habits. Gone are the days when parents worried about their teens wearing indecent clothes and moving in the wrong social circle of friends. These things still happen today. But, the use of social media and the Internet at large is the greatest concern of most parents today. Many teenagers and young adults are so addicted to their smartphones that being without a mobile device can result in instant boredom. With the tricky use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media companies have also been able to glue users to the interface of the platforms. Users keep seeing more interesting posts and it becomes quite difficult for them to quit the app, turning into an addiction.

Technology Has Changed Education

The way students receive instructions from tutors has been transformed. Even tutors have experienced that change as it has become easier for them to reach their students. Platforms like Coursera and Edx have also been incredible in how you learn and what you can learn. Today, anyone from anywhere can sign up for any course irrespective of your background.What is more fascinating is that many of these courses are facilitated by top universities professors. Technology has widely opened the bracket of those who can engage in learning, as well as those who can teach those in need of knowledge. It also gives students the flexibility of learning at the location they prefer and at the time they want. Today, anyone can go to an online school and obtain universally-recognized certificates. Reading has also been simplified with eBooks and PDF documents.

Technology Has Changed How We Communicate

There are lots of devices today that have come about through other technological advancements that are enormously important in daily life. Most people own PC computers, tablets, and smartphones to communicate easily across different platforms. In the past, you had to write a letter to communicate with someone. The letter could even take days before it was delivered. You also had to trace the letter to see if it had been sent to and received by the appropriate person. Errors were not uncommon as well. However, there is no such phenomenon today—science and technology have made sure of this. All you have to do if you want to communicate with someone in society today is to send them a message on social media or put a call through.

Who hasn’t heard of Facebook, Twitter, or Skype? They are all part of everyday life and are going nowhere. Irrespective of the location of the individual, the message gets delivered at the same rate and speed even—if they are right beside you or on the other side of the globe. You can also send a voice message which is delivered in Nanoseconds.

Technology Has Changed How We Pay Bills And Transfer Money

No more do you have to enter a bank to withdraw money or transfer it to someone. It is even possible to live without ever going into the bank. Many banks are already making registration possible online and accessible to people. Companies like PayPal have created a platform where people can send and receive money from any location using the Internet. Paying bills has also been simplified thanks to technology. You don’t have to carry cash with you when going shopping. With your cell phone and a banking app, you can do all the necessary bill payments online.

Technology Has Changed How We Watch TV

Technology has changed how we watch television today. Today, you can pause live TV, rewind it if you missed something, and control it how you wish to follow the live experience. What is happening in the TV industry with the aid of technology is nothing short of incredible. With your mobile devices, you can watch what you want, when you want, and how you want. There is no limitation whatsoever in the digital space of television. Even if you missed an episode of your favorite soap opera, YouTube is always there as a back-up where you can catch up on any movies or scenes you missed. Years back, a family could only watch one TV channel at a time.

Today, the ability to watch movies and shows on small screens like smartphones is good for families. A family can even watch different programs on different screens using the same pay-TV platform. Technology has totally transformed what a television set can offer. In the modern format, television sets now have Wi-Fi and can be connected to the Internet. They can be used to read eBooks. TV sets can be used as projector screens. There is a lot of utility in the TV category nowadays.

Technology Has Changed How We Date

Decades back, in order to see someone, you had to write a letter, wait for a single response, and probably write again. A little further on, you still probably had to see someone and ask for their contact details to stay in touch. If they obliged, fine. Then, you would have to call and send tons of messages. All that has no place in the world we live today—everything moves at a million miles an hour. There doesn’t even see to be time to woo your potential partner anymore.

Now there are dating sites that help you quicken up the process. You register on a website, find a match and you start from there. Why meet many people you don’t want to when you can go straight to the perfect match?

Even if you had to use the style of collecting someone’s contact details, technology has made it possible for you to search the person’s profile on the Internet to gain access to the information you want to know about a particular person. Online dating platforms like Tinder have millions of registered users and have received lots of good reviews from every part of the planet. Dating platforms have helped people connect with their match with speed that neither of the party has to waste the other person’s time. It is comfortable, straightforward, safe, and it works.

There are more ways in which technology has changed the way we live. These are just some of the fundamental ways we have been influenced and transformed by technology.

The revolutions that will surface in few years to come will far outweigh what has been experienced in the past. In the future, there is the possibility of each housing unit generating its own energy. Technology brings a lot of potentials that will continue to transform the way we live like never before.

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Four-in-ten seniors now own smartphones, more than double the share that did so in 2013

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